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Arch Risk Services

Arch Group of Companies is overseen by four senior partners together with other partners who are currently focused on Risk management for financial services providers to thrive in an ever-changing regulatory world and other investments targeted at, but not limited to:

  • Provide uncollateralized construction related guarantees to SME contractor with government, regional and local awarded tenders
  • Identify, mitigate, monitor and manage risk for the financial service provider to the SME contractors
  • Consult and provide essential and critical services to the SME contractor
  • Consult with and advise to key industry stakeholder on policy and legal matter pertaining to the construction industry

Our Unique Business Services

Contract legal and commercial risk consultation and management

The construction industry is highly profitable but equally associated with high commercial risk. It is recognized that risk arising from the fine print in contracts is often overlooked which results in added and unanticipated costs for construction companies. Contract Consultants can identify and manage commercial risk for construction companies.

Business procedures and practices review and management

In today's workplace, performance improvement and the role of performance management are increasingly important and underestimated items that make the difference between success and failure. Business pressures are ever-increasing and companies are now required to become even more effective and efficient, execute better on business strategy, and do more with less in order to remain competitive.

Project evaluation

Project is priced at current market prices to determine the financial viability. Previous contract references are contacted to determine suitability of the contractor and determine the skills resource gap required, If any. If approved we will provide the required Performance Guarantee.

Funding and bridging services

A justification for an Advance Payment will be done and Advance payments guarantee(s) provided on granting thereof. We will also facilitate Bridging Finances, Overdraft facilities and deposits of Certificate of Payment with the banks.

Project programming

A contract programme is set up using the best programming software. A Project Manager is appointed to the project to monitor & review progress, plan monthly goals and updated the programme periodically.

Financial and bookkeeping services

Detailed financial records are kept during the life of the project with monthly reports being issued for project planning. Payment of Vat and Vat good standing will also be addressed to ensure smooth payment of certificates.

Building material administration

In collaboration with the contractor we will handle procurement on agreed terms and conditions with the various suppliers. We will also do payments and reconciliation of creditor accounts.

Project progress claims

Claim for payment will be drafted in collaboration with the contractor, for certification.

Final account assistance

We will assist in negotiating the final account with the consultant in collaboration with the contractor. Retention Guarantee(s) can be provided to the client to allow full release of all retention monies along with Final payment certificate.

Funds administration

Funds control, funds disbursement, funds management and escrow for sureties to offset the possibility of claims against guarantees and bonds.